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Language Consultant
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"Through my own experiences grappling with different languages and exploring various learning methods, I've come to believe that true mastery emerges not from memorization but from genuine engagement and enjoyment. This is why I strive to cultivate an atmosphere where learning is synonymous with fun and creativity. Rather than simply pouring over textbooks and worksheets, I want to encourage my students to immerse themselves in language through topics that align with their interests and passions. One of my favorite techniques is incorporating custom drawings into my lessons. Not only does it appeal to visual learners and stimulate creativity, but it can also help students feel closer to their learning material. In essence, my teaching philosophy revolves around fostering a love for languages and a lifelong enthusiasm for learning."


  • Children's English

  • Adult's English

  • Children's Reading Club

  • Children's French

  • Adult's French


  •  5+ years 1v1 tutoring (All ages / French and English)

  • Kindergarten assistant


  •  Bachelor's degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from ENSAV and Tongji University


  • Arts & Crafts 

  • Graphic design and illustration

  • Scuba diving

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