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Language Consultant

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"Being able to truly express myself without language barriers is a blessing that I always wanted to share with younger generations. If I had to choose three words to describe my 'way of teaching,' it would be: Diversity, Personality, and Creativity. We are all different individuals, and I believe there is no 'perfect method' that fits every single language learner. That is why I love to create fun custom classes based on each student’s personal interests, flaws & strengths and create a safe place where mistakes are allowed and should not be feared because there are no serious mistakes, only new rooms for improvement."


  • Children's English

  • Adult English

  • Children's Reading Club

  • Children's French

  • Adult's French


  • 5+ years of tutoring for all ages in English and French

  • TOEIC preparation programs

  • Writing workshops


  • High Honor Bachelor of Company Management and Basic Accounting from IFAPME

  • Bachelor of Psychology from UMons, Université de Mons


  • Proficient in English and French language teaching methodologies

  •  Skilled in creating engaging and interactive learning experiences

  • Experience in preparing students for language proficiency exams

  • Passionate about incorporating diverse interests and activities into language lessons

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