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Language Consultant
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"Many studies demonstrate that the best way to learn a foreign language is to live within this foreign environment. If you cannot travel to that country, it’s not a problem at all! There are many other ways to let you absorb by the environment. However, the best way is to talk with a native speaker or a bilingual. Talking doesn’t mean pushing you to speak. You can first chat about your daily life and then, start to introduce your hobbies. My teaching philosophy is to combine education, entertainment and fun. And trust me, that works! You can even learn by going to KTV. Keep your interest alive, you will progress as fast as a hummingbird."


  • Baby session

  • Children's English

  • Adult's French

  • Children's French


  • Teaching French grammar, conjugation and expressions to foreigners (1V1)

  • Teaching English and French to children aged of 2-5 years old kids

  • Translation from English to French, French to English, Chinese to French


  • Paris Diderot University (Paris VII): Master LLCER Languages and Civilization of East Asia - Chinese studies

  • National Taiwan Normal University: Taiwanese culture and Civilization

  • Sorbonne Nouvelle University (Paris III) : Bachelor of Applied Foreign Languages - English/Chinese – Business


  • Academic Writing & Editing

  • Digital communication research

  • Event organisation / scrapbooking

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