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Premium Lessons

  • Premium 1v1 一對一課程  By Appointment

  • Customize Group 客製化小組  By Appointment

Regular Long-Term Classes (on going)

  • Early Starters  Mon+Thu/Tue+Fri

  • Beginner 1 初階一  Mon+Thu/Tue+Fri

  • Beginner 2 初階二  Mon+Thu/Tue+Fri

  • Intermediate 1 中階一  Wed+Fri

  • Intermediate 2 中階二  Tue+Fri

  • Higher 中高階  By Appointment

  • Advanced 高階  By Appointment

Skill Booster Program

  • Reading Workshop 英文閱讀小組  Sat

  • Writing Workshop 英文寫作小組  Sat 

  • Book Club 原文讀書會  Sat

Online Hybrid Program Business

  • English + Pronunciation  By Appointment

  • 商用英文+正音班  By Appointment


英文不是只有發 A ~ Z 這26個音;快來學習另外這67個音, 讓你立馬說漂亮好聽的英文,說得漂亮當然開口說的自信心大增!

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